06 2 / 2014

EDIT: Uber has reacted saying that they cited us in their communication. The domain name has been given back to their team. All of this was a lot of fun and it’s now time to focus on the business again.

After having accidentally bought uberpop.net (now given back to Uber) to show Uber that they were wrong to believe they were the first on the french market, we think it’s time to make a comparison between the current competitors on the ridesharing sector ;-) 

To highlight the differences between them and Djump, we have done some researches and compiled those in the table below.


If you want to correct or add something, please send us an email to no-uber-you-are-not-the-first@djump.in and we will make sure to update this article. 

Welcome to UberPop on the ridesharing market anyway  ;-)
Let’s keep up the good work and see what happens!

PS: you can also download Djump or apply to become a driver.

Tanguy Goretti
Co-Founder of Djump